Can multiculturalism really reduce prejudice

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Can multiculturalism really reduce prejudice

After years of hibernation, extremism and xenophobia in Canada are waking to the new fiery anti-globalisation tide that has swept Donald Trump into the US White House and Britain to vote to leave the European Union. As in other parts of the world, a new generation of Canadian politicians and activists is riding on populist anger fuelled by a mix of declining public trust in elected officials, past ethnic animosities, and unbalanced media reporting.

The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox In separate interviews, Ryan Scrivens, a PhD scholar studying right-wing extremism, politicians, community workers, church leaders and anti-fascist activists said liberal Canada should prepare for an uncertain socio-political climate that will become more hostile towards diversity and minorities with the possibility of ethnically targeted violence.

This will include acts of violence. British Columbia BC province, which began receiving Chinese settlers in the s, continues to struggle with its Asian legacy despite recent official attempts to heal nearly a century of racial animosity, and new efforts to expand ties with Asia.

From tothe provincial and Federal governments implemented and enforced racist laws and policies to prevent the Chinese population from becoming part of mainstream Canadian society. But the slew of official apologies, also issued to the Japanese and Indian communities for separate wrongs, have met with criticism from some white Canadians who argue that the present generation should not be punished for then justifiable actions Can multiculturalism really reduce prejudice past governments.

The reporting tends to downplay or dismiss a host of other factors responsible for rising housing costs in major cities, including Vancouver, that can be found herehere and here.

The most popular narrative is that of a city under siege from uncontrolled Chinese immigration and offshore investments aided by incompetent or corrupt Canadian government officials.

The flyers were swiftly condemned by BC Premier Christy Clark, and other political and community leaders. Scrivens said the flyers were significant as it was the first time in memory that a hate message had called the Chinese a threat to white Canada.

Richmond has a different migrant experience compared with Europe and the US where mostly refugees arrive poor and desperate, and are blamed for boosting crime rates and burdening social and health services.

In contrast, the Chinese migrants who congregate in Richmond and Metro Vancouver are wealthier, better educated and more adaptable than any in the past. Media reports have not helped by focusing on the sensational and negative behaviour of the few. Many Chinese migrants struggle to speak English, contributing to a communications breakdown and a cultural divide in the city.

Can multiculturalism really reduce prejudice

She said the buying power of Chinese migrants is pricing out her children and younger Canadians from living in Metro Vancouver. She is also angry that the government has let in Chinese migrants who cannot speak English, and are unlikely to integrate into Canadian society.

Mandarin and Cantonese have become popular languages in downtown Richmond, with Chinese language signs proliferating to the annoyance and alienation of other ethnic groups. Birth tourism is her most recent target. In her neighbourhood, she uncovered a business catering to helping pregnant women from China deliver their children in Richmond, automatically qualifying them from Canadian citizenship.

The city has taken note and is encouraging Chinese merchants to be more respectful and sensitive to the needs of others, and to put up more English language signs.

But not everyone shares these experiences or the dire outlook of Canada as a multicultural hell. Kelly Greene, a Caucasian woman who is raising three young children with her partner in Richmond, said they do not feel alienated.

There are some people who are afraid of change. There are no gangs in schools organised along ethnic lines creating social problems. Students are not failing and dropping out.

Can multiculturalism really reduce prejudice

Salzberg, 55, is a well-known presence in online forums and public events that discuss issues of multiculturalism, immigration, housing affordability and diversity. For years, Salzberg has campaigned against the use of Chinese language signs in public places in Richmond and other Vancouver suburbs.

This fundamental conflict remains unresolved. Salzberg accepts the contradiction but offers no solution with this vague reply: All nations have an element of social injustice as a part of their history, and many were far worse than Canada.

There was already a significant Chinese population settled as farmers, miners and builders in British Columbia by the time Canada was formed on July 1, Chinese workers played an instrumental role in linking western Canada to the rest of the country with their construction of the Canadian Pacific railway.

On a philosophical level, it can be argued that the Confucianist values for education, hard work and family would be a great addition to the Canadian identity.

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The founding exclusionist policies have left a lasting imprint on the Canadian consciousness. InVancouver excluded its Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Filipino heritage and their Canadian stories from the official portrayal of its hugely successful Winter Olympics to the world.

But Salzberg was happy to accept a congratulatory message from the Immigration Watch Canada that has been distributing the racist Richmond flyers.

Fairly or unfairly, he is viewed as a tool of extremist groups such that even those he believes shares his beliefs have openly attacked him. She explained her repudiation of CAP in a statement: The concept of white supremacy, or any form of ethnic supremacy, is anathema to myself and to Cultural Action Party.All these national staff can be reached by address format is [email protected] Please see below for a list of CBC local news locations and .

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Just gotta motivate myself.!Yeah, I started.(again!). So far most of Trump’s appointments have been ordinary conservative hardliners or ethically-compromised rich people. But there’s a chance that some of his health care picks could be really interesting.

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