Dissertation on internal communication

Introduction Internal Communication is important way for transferring the data among the working staffs of the company. The employer and employees of the firm can effectively communicate with each other in either the formal way or in informal way. The leaders of the company and use of social media can be the effective factor in passing on the right information and in quick time. The communication can be helpful in better flow of information that can increase the efficiency and productivity level of the employees O'Kane et al.

Dissertation on internal communication

The major Dissertation on internal communication of the study are: To identify the impact of communication on internal working environment To assess the impact of communication on external working environment To recommend various ways to improve communication strategies.


The research questions are: What is the impact of communication on internal working environment? What is the impact of communication on external working environment?

How to improve the communication strategies in companies?

Dissertation on internal communication

Selected research methodologies into current study are: The researcher has two options related to selecting the research philosophy; positivism and interpretive research philosophy. In current report the selected research philosophy will be interpretive research philosophy.

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It could help in identifying impact of communication in various perspectives. The deep understanding of the subject could b gained as interpretive research philosophy allows investigating about subject matter from various dimensions Muijis, The facts and information could be collected from different angles in interpretive research philosophy Research approach: Two available approaches for the researcher are inductive and deductive research approach.

In current scenario the research approach that will be suitable is inductive research approach. With the help of inductive research approach the researcher can provide information about new theories and concepts. Here the new theory could be introduced by the researcher.

Further the conclusion will be provided after studying the whole scenario thus inductive approach is more suitable in current study Neuman, The research nature is qualitative as here the communication and its impact over the external and internal environment will be measured through subjective information.


The communication and its impact can never be measured in terms of numeric or figures. With the help of qualitative nature of information it could become easier to make extensive usage of lengthy and subjective information Merriam, As mentioned above that selected research type or the nature of study is qualitative then here the exploratory research design will be more suitable.

It could enable researcher to dig out the subject matter and justification could be made to other research methodologies and especially with qualitative nature of study Kothari, Through exploratory research design the researcher can get more access to the information and relevant content.

Thus these research methodologies will be selected into the current report. Here the research process starts from the brainstorming of most relevant idea that can help organizations in improving their working environment. Another step was related to formulating the research objectives and questions that become the basis of entire study.

Ahead the steps include conducting the literature review as there is huge requirement of gaining the deep understanding about the subject matter. Further the series of steps include the selection of research methodology. Once the process is clear then whole lot of consideration will be paid to the data collection process and interpretation of results.

Selected sample will be approached to gather the information. Afterwards the analysis will be done for the same. Thus it is complete research process or steps that will be followed in current scenario. Data collection and analysis: In order to collect data the sample size of employees, working in different private sector organizations, will be taken.

This sample size will be sufficient to get reliable and desired outcomes. Further to collect data the questionnaire technique will be put into practice. Face to face responses will be gathered along with gathering the responses through e mail or docs facility.

Dissertation on internal communication

The data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources Kumar, The secondary sources will be books, online articles and previous researches. To analyze the information the thematic analysis technique will be practice by the researcher.

With the help of thematic analysis various themes could be made as per the responses of private sector employees. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.Internal communication in simple words is communicating with all the possible way and channels of communication within the organisation, there.

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