Ielts essay corrections

This is not because it is more difficult than the other skills, but because students do not get good feedback. Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes.

Ielts essay corrections

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer. Smoking is injurious for Ielts essay corrections. In my opinion, it should be banned as smoking is not only harmful for to its consumer but also for the others surrounding him.

First, smoking is very much bad for health and causes a waste of money.

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Raise only one idea at a time and explain it completely. Do not use low band words — bad. Smoking It causes many diseases such as cancer, bronchitis which need a huge amount of money for treatment.

According to one estimate, more than 20 percent of global health expenditure is made on diseases which are caused by smoking. Research has revealed that passive smoking has similar this word does not make any sense here an inverse adverse effect on health Inverse is incorrect.

A person has no right to be the reason of injury of to other person. By banning smoking in public places, the government will successfully protect innocent non-smokers from catching diseases related to smoking.

For example, in India public smoking is allowed only in specially designed smoking rooms that prevent exit of smoke from that room. Use the CORE words mentioned in the question statement to maintain task response. Secondly, smoking causes environmental pollution by spreading the smoke as well as the butts in public places.

In countries like Bangladesh, where smoking is not banned in public place, cigarette butts can be found spread on at public places like such as bus stands, cafeterias, footpaths and so on.

Ielts essay corrections

This destroys the aesthetic appearance of the country. For instance, a fire was ignited in Barisal, Bangladesh in the year of from a thrown cigarette butt in front of an oil storage which burned 20 shops. The estimated loss from this fire was about 20 million takas.

The points in BP 2 and 3 are well elaborated with proper task response. However, there is ample score to write better. In conclusion, though banning smoking will take away the freedom of some people, the government should enforce the law to stop smoking in public places as none have the right to be the cause of active or passive harm of to others.

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Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Contact me for writing a polished and effective Statement of Purpose.Nov 01,  · IELTS Essay Correction: Ban Smoking In Public Places. By Sartaj Singh on November 1, • (Leave a comment) The government should ban smoking in all public places, even though this would restrict some other people’s freedoms.

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