Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of economic prestige

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Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of economic prestige

However in the aftermath of defeat and under US led Allied occupation Japan underwent an extensive reconstruction process in which a Democratic framework in Japanese government and politics was put into place, and where Japanese economic might was rekindled more powerful then ever before.

This eventually made Japan into the 2nd most economically powerful nation on Earth in the latter decades of the Cold War. During the mid to latter stages of the Second World War, Japan was heavily bombed by US air forces and as a result much of its economy and infrastructure was ether damaged or destroyed outright.

In addition upon surrender to the Allies in on the American battleship the USS Missouri, Japan had lost all of its colonies and occupied territories which provided the nation with many resources and helped power the Japanese economy pre in addition to providing guaranteed use of these resources.

The end of World War II also marked the swift downfall of Japan from any role in the new Asia or the World as a whole for that matter for the time being.

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This all marked the complete political, economic, social and military collapse of the Japanese Empire. Imperial Japanese Government delegation signing the instrument of surrender aboard the USS Missouri General Douglas Macarthur who would be the leading figure in shaping Japan during the US occupation, poses in a photo with Emperor Hirohito after their first meeting.

In this capacity the Allied occupation authority sought out to remake Japan in a way that would be demilitarized and democratized to help prevent possible future aggression.

All of which were tried and hung with numbers of others receiving the same fate or prison sentences of various lengths in most cases.

Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of economic prestige

However the Emperor along with the rest of the Japanese Royal family were excluded from prosecution. Also the occupation authority laid plans to reform the nation in all factors whether they be political, economic, social or military. In terms of political reforms they most notably drafted and instituted a new Japanese Constitution based on American and other Western liberal Democratic ideals which came into effect inthis represented a change from the pre-World War II Constitution which was based on a Prussian model which through a strong executive and weak legislature and was vulnerable to be influenced.

Social reform came mainly in the form on the Constitution which guaranteed women and those of all social classes protection from discrimination Article 14Along with the freedom of religion Article 20In addition to mutual consent in marriage Article 24among many other reforms that were introduced, All of these had a profound impact on Japanese society in the years to come.

The reform of the way in which the military and the terms in which force is used was also a crucial target of reform by the occupation authority, The Japanese were obligated to renounce any possible employment of aggressive action in war Article 9However a military was to be employed by Japan for defensive purposes only.

The Allied occupation of Japan had a profound impact on the nation and helped set Japan on its future course in modern world history. In addition Japanese politicians and economists along with bureaucrats, started to form a post war national policy for Japan intensely focused on economic growth, despite the recession that Japan was now going through with the end of the Korean War and with it American tributes.

However due to careful planning, and the use of such newly created governmental agencies like the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the subservient Japanese Development Bank which then introduced the Fiscal Investment and Loan Plan, which was a gathering of individual and national financial resources with proved extremely successful giving Japan a much stronger financial situation.

Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda: A late 's Honda Civic: This managed to create stiff competition for domestic industry in many countries.

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This phenomenon was especially prevalent in the US and Western European nations. Japan also during this time also experienced a more assertive political attitude on defense and economics under the Prime Ministership of Yasuhiro PM Yasuhiro Nakasone, who contributed greatly to sustaining Japan's economic growth in the 's, while creating worry and controversy with his endorsements of resurgent Japanese nationalism that began appearing during this time.

In addition during this time Japan was starting to experience some of the geopolitical difficulties of its position including pressure from Washington to make up for its large trade surplus. Also Japan started to experience resentment and suspicion in foreign media and in economic circles over its power in world economics.

However in the Tokyo stock market crashed and dramatically slowed down the Japanese economy. In conclusion Japan which was a nation in ruin at the end of the Second World War raised from the ashes of defeat like a phoenix through reform and determination and to succeed economically in what would eventually become of the Japanese miracle.

So at the current moment it is quite unclear from a geopolitical perspective of what path Japan will take in the new Century.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of econ Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of economic prestige JAPAN\'S RISE FROM THE ASHES TO THE PINNACLE OF ECONOMIC PRESTIGE Japan is one of the world\'s leading economic powers when concentrating on its Gross Domestic Product of four point two trillion United States dollars.

Japan's Rise from the Ashes to the Pinnacle of Economic Prestige. 2, words. 9 pages. A Comparison Between the Keynesian Economics and the Supply Side Economics. words. 3 pages. Understanding the Principles That Determine the Demand and Supply of Labor.

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Japans rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of economic prestige

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