Lalong maganda ang kinabukasan kung tayo y may pinag aralan

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Lalong maganda ang kinabukasan kung tayo y may pinag aralan

In a survey conducted by Citibank in Decemberit was revealed that only one out of ten Filipinos make an effort to save and that the average Pinoy's savings will only last nine weeks once they lose their jobs, get sick or meet an accident and unable to work.

What's troubling is that the average monthly salary of those who took part 15 Kaya Mo, Pinoy!

Lalong maganda ang kinabukasan kung tayo y may pinag aralan

This means that the millions of Filipinos in the lower-income bracket are in a far worse situation. People come up with so many excuses to justify why they don't have any savings. The first step in building wealth is to understand the barriers that prevent people from saving consistently.

By understanding these obstacles you can then take the necessary actions to overcome them and move you a step closer to your dream of financial freedom. Lack of income This is the most common reason given for not being able to save and sadly, it's true!

A huge number of Filipinos are just within or below the poverty level. Millions of families can barely provide for their basic needs and there is simply not enough money to save. Use this barrier as a challenge to find creative ways to increase your income.

Stop complaining and start doing something to rise above your poverty. Adversity, they say, is the mother of creativity. The burning desire to overcome their difficult living conditions has led self-made billionaires like John Gokongwei and Henry Sy to rise from the bottom and all the way to the top.

Step 7 will show you different 16 Step 1 - Understand and Overcome the Obstacles to Building Wealth ways to increase your income so you can save more and stop making excuses. From poor Chinese immigrant to one of the world's wealthiest Henry Sy was only 12 when he left China and followed his father to the Philippines.

He cried when he saw his father: The young Henry worked 12 hours a day in his father's store and looked for ways to increase the store's income. Near the end of World War II, they lost everything.

Lalong maganda ang kinabukasan kung tayo y may pinag aralan

One of his father's two sari-sari stores burned down and the other looted. After the war, he started selling American shoes imported from GIs and later opened a shoe store.

Henry Sy kept on finding ways to increase his income to support his growing family and soon opened ShoeMart which sold not just shoes but accessories, leather goods and clothes. In the next few decades he was able to build 21 supermalls which at present are visited by 1.

His extraordinary success was a result of hard work, persistence, discipline, thriftiness, eagerness to learn and the desire to make things happen. Poor spending habits Filipinos have very poor spending habits; wasting their money on a lot of things that they don't really need.

Bibili ng bagong bag, damit o sapatos kahit na yung huling binili ay isang beses lang nagamit at dalawang taon nang nakatambak sa isang 17 Kaya Mo, Pinoy! You or someone close to you is probably guilty of habitual reckless spending.

A lot of people seem to make it a point to spend all the money that gets into their hands even if they don't have to. Hangga't may nadudukot sa bulsa o sa pitaka, tuloy-tuloy ang paggastos. Worse, some people continue to spend even if they have run out of money by using their credit cards.

You should be aware that every time you use your credit card, you are spending your own money; money that you still haven't earned. Almost everyone is capable of saving regardless of their level of income.

Saving and building wealth is not just a question of how much you are earning but more importantly it is about how much you are keeping and growing. Break out of the habit of irresponsible and careless spending; especially if your income is limited.

Always see to it that you spend less than you earn. Maging wais sa paggastos ng iyong pera! In Step 5 you will learn about strategies and practical tips on how to spend your money wisely.

Kapag ang tao'y matipid, maraming maililigpit. Lack of patience Many Pinoys have a short supply of patience when it comes to saving and growing money.

They want to get rich as quickly 18 Step 1 - Understand and Overcome the Obstacles to Building Wealth as possible; that is why thousands have been victimized by investment scams.

They are easily attracted to get-rich-quick schemes that promise unbelievably high profits within a short time even if they don't work for it.

Millions are also into gambling hoping for that one big win! Libu-libo ang matiyagang pumipila sa Eat Bulaga o Wowowee, nagbabakasakali na manalo ng jackpot.

Because of people's impatience they never get to start saving or simply give up and instead leave it up to fate and luck to make their future financially secure. You do not build wealth through luck; it is a slow, deliberate process that requires regular and continuous saving and investing for a long lalong maraming gawain at patawan man sila ng lalong dahil ang mga tao doo’y hindi naman bumibili ng mga alahas, Hindi ba’t tama ang iyong ama, Telesforo?

(Gulat na liningon ni Simoun ang tinig at may kung anong Noong panahong iyon, ang mga pari’y tayo’y walang habag!

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makapangyarihan at siyang namamahala! Umibig ako noon sa. lalong gaganda ang kinabukasan kung tayo'y may pinag-aralan. Favorites. Music. Aug 31,  · Dispatch for September 1, (Monday), PIA Calabarzon PRs, 2 Weather Watch, 2 Reg’l. Watch, 4 OFW Watch, 1 PNOY Speech, INTERVIEW OF SEC.

"Tingin ko kung tayo nag-aalala, kung ang Pangulo nag-alala sa sitwasyon Parang kinabukasan kung hindi ako nagkakamali, may . Magbigay ng utang na loob sa mga taong handang magbuwis ng dugo’t pawis mabigyan lamang tayo ng magandang kinabukasan.

Ang pagpapakasakit at pagmamahal ng isang ina para sa kanyang anak ay walang kapantay. Karamihan sa mga mag-anak na Pilipino ay may maganda at malapit na pagsasama-sama. subalit kailangan nating pag-aralan ng mabuti.

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