My dissertation doesnt make sense

Yet this attempt to make your writing sound more academic can actually cloud your meaning and frustrate your professors.

My dissertation doesnt make sense

Confessions of a Community College Dean: Why “Skin in the Game” Doesn’t Make Sense

Alamy Dear student, I have just read your essay, and I must apologise — I have absolutely no idea what it said. You will make assumptions about yourself, your work — perhaps even your worth — based on this number.

I want to tell you not to worry about it. How to survive marking dissertations Read more When I was a student, I assumed — as you probably do now — that my work was meticulously checked and appraised, with the due consideration it deserved, by erudite scholars who perhaps wore tweed. I wonder now if it was actually marked by someone like me: I have to go back a page, eyes swimming, and check.

Your words are diluted by the ones that came before, they are lost on me even before I begin. It should not be like this. In an ideal world, I would spend my morning carefully marking three essays at most, giving them the thought they deserve.

I would spend the early afternoon wandering around a meadow picking flowers — something, anything, to clear my head so I can approach the next batch with a fresh outlook and enthusiasm. I have academic work of my own; I have a job interview to prepare for; at various points of the year, I have additional employment to help tide me over.

I have cleared this bit of space in my schedule to read your essays, and I have come at them genuinely excited to see what you have found out this term, and to tell you how you can improve.

There are 11 unmarked essays.

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I have to force myself to understand anything other than the clearest, nicest writing; the kind of writing that takes me by the hand and shows me round all your ideas. Dear student, please note: Do us both a favour and spend time on your essay.

Edit, polish, relieve my boredom and let me award you a first. I also have a life — washing to do, family to spend time with, that sort of thing. Work hard on your essays.

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And I really, really want to give you a first. The books on your reading list will tell you everything about the subject that you need to know; read them.

My dissertation doesnt make sense

There are also books in the library with titles like How to Write an Essay; make use of them. All the best, Your lecturer Join the higher education network for more comment, analysis and job opportunities, direct to your inbox. Follow us on Twitter gdnhighered.

And if you have an idea for a story, please read our guidelines and email your pitch to us at highereducationnetwork theguardian.22 thoughts on “ 5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make ” Elanesse June 2, at pm “If readers are tempted to skip over part of your story to get to a .

Shoutout out to @themovementmaestro for the inspiration for this quote. The original one was "The right way to drink bourbon is just the way you like it," but I'm a basic b*tch, so I wrote out the literal sentiment.

May 11,  · Just to say that the story goes that I was wisbed by my mother but feel abandoned and not guided by my father. I had to look to other sources for. Look at other dissertations from your department to get a sense of what kind of topic produces an acceptable dissertation—you may find that it’s not the kind of huge masterpiece you were imagining and that you can work on a much smaller, more compact topic instead.

Apr 09,  · Don't think of the dissertation as a whole.

My dissertation doesnt make sense

I found that the best way to get around the idea of The Dissertation was to deliberately write it out of Rachel Herrmann. 1.

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