Sharon olds the blue dress

I enjoyed the emotional fire and honesty of her poems, and tears overflowed when I read her "The Blue Dress".

Sharon olds the blue dress

The girl is led to believe that a blue dress given to on her birthday was from her father. Later on she realizes that she was mistaken and that her father in all actually did not give her the blue dress. Instead of letting go of the facade her father had created she embraced it as an actual reality: Even though her father had not actually sent her the dress she believed the lie was more beautiful than the truth.

Sharon olds the blue dress

When it comes to life sometimes it takes convinceing one's self that a lie is the truth to become truly happy. The father's lie made his daughter happy and reminded her of her of him and his love. Her father had never given her a present before and it made her happy especially since it fit her perfectly: I put it on, a perfect fit, I liked that it was not too sexy, just a blue dress for a year-old daughter- The thought had made her feel special to him.

Sharon olds the blue dress

Unfortunately, she did not get to hold on to that special feeling for long she soon learned that it was not a gift from her father. Learning the the truth behind the origins of the dress did not effect her she decided to wear the dress anyway: So I never wore it again in her sight- Though she was disappointed when she found out the truth she held on to the feelings she had before she knew the truth and it kept her happy.

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"The Blue Dress" by Sharon Olds The first November after the divorce. there was a box from my father on my birthday—no card, but a. big box from Hink’s, the dark. department store with a balcony and. mahogany rail around the balcony, you could. stand and press your forehead against it.

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Sharon Olds: "The Blue Dress" from The Gold Cell (). Sharon Olds was born in San Francisco, and educated at Stanford University and Columbia University.

Sharon Olds

She teaches poetry workshops in the Graduate Creative Writing Program at New York University and helps run the New York University workshop program at Goldwater hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York. Best Famous Sharon Olds Poems.

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Sharon Olds poems. This is a select list of the best famous Sharon Olds poetry.

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Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Sharon Olds poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. The Sash by Sharon first ones were attached to my dress at the waist one on either side right at the point where hands could clasp you and pick you up as if you were.


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