Skit writing activity for second

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Skit writing activity for second

Grades K—2 Students familiarize themselves with dinosaur anatomy by taking part in an interactive dinosaur-assembly game.

Students learn dinosaur facts and create six different types of dinosaurs from their component parts: They can also create an imaginary dinosaur of their own.

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Argentinosaurus Grades K—5 This interactive nonfiction photo story reveals a recent dinosaur discovery. A team of scientists uncovers a previously unknown dinosaur, one of the largest ones found to date.

Students use simple technology skills to learn how scientists unearth, assemble, and display the skeleton. Lesson Directions Build Background 1—2 days All Grades Discuss what students skit writing activity for second know about dinosaurs and explore what they would like to learn further.

Organize student input on a chalkboard, or have small groups record responses with poster paper. If this is done in small groups, the results should be discussed as a whole class.

Post a K-W-L chart of student questions on the wall. Contribute to the poster throughout the life of the project. Once you've played the game, have students play again with a partner.

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Collect a classroom library of dinosaur books from the library or from the Scholastic Recommends book list. Suggest that students create their own "Real or Make-believe" scenarios using some of the books you have collected.

Encourage students to write, draw, or record their scenarios. You may wish to take dictation with pre-writers. If you haven't done so already, have students add any relevant information to the K-W-L chart.


Begin a dinosaur portfolio to use as a reference tool. Encourage students to contribute their work to the portfolio. When Did Dinosaurs Live? Why are they important?

How can they help us learn? Then allow students to test what they know about dinosaurs by participating in the time line activity. Create a schedule for students to play the game individually. Then, as a class or individuallycreate your own dinosaur time line. As you continue through the project, add other dinosaurs in their appropriate time periods.

skit writing activity for second

Make the time line on large sheets of newsprint as a classroom mural! Ask students how a paper-drawn time line is different from the online version. Encourage students to add their time lines, if created individually, to their portfolios.

skit writing activity for second

If you create the time line as a class, have students list how the time line increased their knowledge about dinosaurs. Begin a dinosaur portfolio, and include the list or dinosaur time line. What Did Dinosaurs Look Like? Explore the game with students until they become comfortable with the technology.

Then allow students to create the six different dinosaurs. Also, have students create an imaginary dinosaur by mixing the various parts!

Advanced students may wish to design a habitat, name their dinosaur, and decide its size, scale, and eating habits in a descriptive paragraph.

Encourage students to add any relevant information to the K-W-L chart and the dinosaur machine.Writing: 2. The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.

research and attach a second note card which identifies the in Theodore Roosevelt’s life could be portrayed in a skit. With the teacher’s assistance, teams of three students write. Activity Worksheets for Children The second picture has 6 missing parts.

Circle the missing parts. (Big Puzzles for Little Hands: Jesus’ Life and Lessons by Carla Williams, page 12). Birth of Jesus- A lively skit about the people and times during the Birth of Jesus.

Lesson plans, activities, and resources for grades K-5 focus on wartime service and sacrifice. Veterans Day Activities, Grades K Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources Focus on Wartime Service and Sacrifice Veterans Day, 2nd Edition (Holiday Histories). Heinemann, Also in Spanish. Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling Teaching students to capitalize, punctuate, and spell properly is one of the most important tasks you face in teaching writing.

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Enrichment: For advanced students, let them write in their journals how they think a good citizen would act instead of having them work on the worksheets. Support: For struggling students, you can help them think of ideas for the skits or you can write down scenarios on paper for them.

The biggest sheet is a full size sheet of construction paper. Each page was reduced by one ruler’s width from the one underneath it. We just put our rulers down along the bottom edge, traced the edge with pencil, and then cut along the line.

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