Teachers college application

One qualifies to be a Primary School teacher on completion. Students with a "Grade C" or better are encouraged to apply, but higher grades will be considered depending on the stiffness of the competition that period of intake. When Is The Intake?

Teachers college application

Teachers college application

International employers also recognize the knowledge, competence, and skills that Western Education graduates have to offer and eagerly attend our job fairs. With the BEd, many of Teachers college application alumni have gone on to work in diverse fields such as these—and more: You can elect to take the Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, or Intermediate-Senior stream to develop expertise in teaching students in grades JK-6,andrespectively.

As well as selecting a program stream, you are given the choice of a specialty area consistent with your interests and goals. Primary-Junior Prepare to teach all subjects, Kindergarten to grade 6.

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Prepare to teach core and immersion French, K You must choose two teaching options from a list of teachable subjects. It may not be completed, in whole or in part, on a part-time basis. Some courses are offered fully on-site in face-to-face formats; other courses include on-line components, and a very few courses are fully on-line.

The program is structured as follows illustrated below: Year 1 - 9 weeks in-class, 4 weeks practicum, 4 weeks holiday, 9 weeks in-class, 4 weeks practicum Year 2 - 6 weeks practicum, 6 weeks in-class, 3 weeks AFE, 3 weeks holiday, 5 or 6 weeks practicum, 4 weeks AFE Note that specific dates are released each year following Faculty and University approval.

Teachers college application

You must be available to attend classes Monday through Thursday in each of the two program years. Except during practicum blocks, no required classes or other activities are scheduled on Fridays.

Classes begin at 8: During practicum blocks, you must be in your assigned schools Monday through Friday. Morning arrival time and afternoon departure time is at the discretion of the school and Associate Teacher; arrival as early as 7: Click the button to learn more about the practicum portion of the program.

For an opportunity to ask questions and receive information in person, please join us at one of our many Information Events.

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The application deadline for September admission is December 1, Teachers have many competing demands on their time, so once you have delivered your information packet, send a polite reminder when two weeks remain before the deadline.

Our Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes enable you to become a qualified teacher in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary Education. Restricted entry applies to these programmes - you must apply and be offered a place.

Applications are to be submitted online (using the yellow "Apply Now. Applications for the Bachelor of Education program at Trent University must go through the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS). Required Documents Applicants must submit the following documents by the application deadline.

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The College of Education at Towson University has a distinguished history in the preparation of classroom teachers, school leaders and education specialists.

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. This entire semester is considered the “application semester” to the Teacher Education Program. It is the policy of the College of Education at the University of Houston that the coursework in the two Student Teaching semesters must be completed at this institution.

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