Theoretical analysis on australian terror laws

The order makes clear that the President views the crisis that began on the morning of September 11 as an attack "on a scale that has created a state of armed conflict that requires the use of the United States Armed Forces. The distinction may have more than rhetorical significance. Treating the attacks as violations of the international law of war could allow the United States to prosecute those responsible as war criminals, trying them by special military commission rather than in federal court.

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New laws allow for convicted terrorists to be kept in jail once their sentences have finished Period of time extended on sentence is up for negotiation with states and territories, Attorney-General says Opposition will consider legislation on its merits, Mark Dreyfus says The Commonwealth has called on state and territory governments to introduce new laws allowing for convicted terrorists to be kept in jail once their sentences have finished, with periodic reviews of the risk a prisoner could pose if released back into the community.

Mr Turnbull said he believed the plan would have overwhelming support around the country. Brandis Attorney-General George Brandis said there would be a number of safeguards in place. The Attorney-General said there would be annual reporting to Parliament on the number of orders granted, and the scheme would be reviewed after a number of years.

Dan Himbrechts Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said the legislation would need strict checks and balances before the Opposition would consider supporting the legislation.Just eight months ago the Parliament enacted the Foreign Fighters Act to enable the prosecution of those who fight with terrorist organisations overseas.


Where family law disputes are regarded as ‘private’ disputes, involving litigation between individual litigants, criminal law—like child protection law—is ‘public’ in the sense that the state has a clear role to play in the investigation and prosecution of offences.

11 days ago · A member of UK's Parliament is calling for the introduction of Australia's tougher counter-terrorism laws to deal with the release of an Islamist hate preacher.

Theoretical analysis on australian terror laws

The September 11th terrorist attacks compelled many law enforcement agencies to rethink their function, as they were now being called upon to respond to suspicious situations, uncover terrorist networks, and work with other agencies and jurisdictions in an unprecedented way _ (National Research.

‘The rule of law is an overarching principle which ensures that Australians are governed by laws which their elected representatives make and which reflect the rule of law.

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It requires that the laws are administered justly and fairly.’. 13 The authors’ contribution to analysis of the Australian definition is forthcoming in a companion article: ‘Terrorism and Criminal Law - Assessing Australian Reforms’.

Theoretical analysis on australian terror laws

14 Criminal Code Act (Cth) s

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