Was the provisional government doomed from

The Provisional Government was doomed from the start. In March a revolution took place in Russia, resulting in the abdication of the tsar and the rise to power of the new Provisional Government which was made up members of the old Duma. However, the Provisional Government came to power at a time of great unrest within the country, and further events led to its downfall within a matter of months.

Was the provisional government doomed from

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After the February revolution on which saw the abdication of the Tsar, Russia was in turmoil. As a result of this confusion two bodies were set up to temporarily control Russia until a constituent Assembly could be elected.

These two bodies were the Provisional government, made up of leading Liberal parties, and Kadetsand the Petrograd Soviets made up of workers, soldiers, socialist revolutionaries, and had both Menshevik and Bolshevik members. However this reign did not last long as in October of the same year the Bolsheviks seized the Tauride Palace overthrowing the Provisional government PG in the name of the Petrograd Soviet.

There are many reasons to why the PG did not manage to consolidate its power; primarily there were a lot of internal problems that gave them a big disadvantage.

However there were also external pressures from the peasants, workers and the war that the PG could simply not cope with. As historians have studied the question in depth different schools of thought have been established.

The Modern Trotskyite: Why did the Russian Provisional Government fail in ?

On the other hand the Intentionalist school believe that the PG was not in fact doomed from the beginning and collapsed due to outside pressure from the peasants, workers and impact of revolutionary leaders such as Lenin.

And gain support for the Bolsheviks. The Petrograd Soviet was also declared as a leading body in Russia and this initial system of Dual Power presented an immediate problem for both groups. Having two Bodies trying to run the same country immediately causes difficulties as there would be disagreements between them.

This is exaggerated between the PG and Petrograd Soviet because their views and ideologies are so distinctly different. The PG wanted to contain the revolution, whereas the Soviets wanted to deepen it.

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John Bradley agrees with this, stating: Also all weapons were to remain under the control of company and battalion committees, and in no circumstances to be handed over to officers.

When they were appointed the PG immediately: For example, when the state was threatened during April, July and October they were unwilling to use force.

Was the provisional government doomed from

Orlando Figes sees this as a major reason for their downfall: Other aspects that cost the PG dearly were internal problems such as the members within the body. After the abdication of the Tsar on the 2nd March the population expected the Duma to take control of Russia. The Duma was a secondary government set up by the Tsar in reply to the October Manifesto after the revolution to keep the population of Russia happy.

However as the Tsar Nicholas was still sovereign and there was a chance that he could come back into power the Duma felt they could not establish a leading role over Russia because if the Tsar were to return they could be accused of treason.

They were simply trying to save their backs in case this was to happen.The provisional government's president, Prince Lvov, resigned, handing the top job over to Kerensky.

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"There was nothing left for me to do," said Lvov. "To save the situation, it was necessary to dissolve the soviets and fire at the people. The Provisional Government was doomed from the beginning because, they were not chosen by the people of Russia but just took the power.

The Provisional Government primarily consisted of members of the Octobrist and Kadet parties, which the not the most popular party, so they did not have a great amount of support from the Russian people. Was the provisional government doomed to failure from the beginning??

The provisional government of Russia was established in February as a temporary replacement for Tsar Nicholas II after his abdication. Liberals of groups such as the Kadets and the Octoberisit's dominated the Provisional government. A photograph of Provisional Government ministers (seated) in The Provisional Government inherited political authority after the abdication of Nicholas II.

It enjoyed a brief honeymoon period marked by hope, optimism and public support. But the Provisional Government was soon confronted by the. In the meantime, the Provisional Government attempted to rule as one might expect an elected government to rule.

Was the provisional government doomed from

But this itself was problematic, for several reasons. Though its members were drawn from the Duma, the Provisional Government had no mandate; it had not been selected or endorsed by the people. Was the Provisional Government doomed from the beginning? After the February revolution on which saw the abdication of the Tsar, Russia was in turmoil.

It had gone (in a matter of days) from being one of the most show more content.

The Provisional Government