When rain clouds gather theme essay

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When rain clouds gather theme essay

Until she was 13 she was raised by a foster family in a poor section of the coloured community in the Cape Province that is, the community for South Africans of mixed descent. She spent the next six years at St. She was made to understand that she herself was being monitored for any sign of mental aberration.

When rain clouds gather theme essay

After her teacher training education at St. Her political involvement as a member of the Pan Africanist Congress led to her When rain clouds gather theme essay arrest after anti-pass-law demonstrations that climaxed with police shootings of African protestors in Sharpeville in She attempted suicide shortly thereafter.

Almost all her writings are based on her personal experiences in these two countries. Her first novel in exile, When Rain Clouds Gather examines her decision to live in exile rather than stay and fight the apartheid system inside South Africa.

Golema Mmidi represents Serowe, the village in which Head settled after moving to Botswana in Known then as the Bechuanaland Protectorate, Botswana, a former British colony, became independent in Geographically, the country is dominated by the Kalahari sands, and is mostly unsuitable for permanent residence.

Consequently, only about 5 percent of the land is arable. Despite the harshness of the land, people constantly look with hopefulness for rain clouds. Botswana refers to the country, Batswana to the Tswana people who live in the country, and Motswana to an individual member of the community.

At the time the novel takes place, Botswana had recently gained its independence from the British colonial administration The Bechuanaland Protectorate was often referred to as an orphaned society to which the British had extended protection, mainly because of the appeals of prominent members of the London Missionary Society and powerful Botswana chiefs, who wanted to prevent other European powers in the surrounding countries—the Dutch, the Germans, and the Afrikaners or descendents of European, mainly Dutch, settlers in South Africa —from swallowing their territory.

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Few Europeans settled in the region because of the brutal Botswana climate, and, beside the burdensome task of collecting taxes and maintaining law and order, Britain itself did not see much to covet in the land.

This colonial indifference to economic development was also responsible for the poor state of Botswana education in the s. Primary-level education was available to only a few, and, in fact, many local teachers were insufficiently trained. Bessie Head was one of the few expatriates from South Africa willing to work as a teacher in Botswana.

To obtain secondary-level education, a select number of native-born Batswana went to South Africa. For a small minority higher education was available in Lesotho and overseas. In only 45 Batswana were attending institutions of higher education Parson, p.

Thus, with an undeveloped rural economy and a negligible educational system, many people especially those with skills sought employment in the more developed nations surrounding Botswana.

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Byout of a national population of only half a million, the absentee population was estimated at 42, Parson, p. Culturally, cattle herding is done by men and boys, who spend a significant part of the year at cattle posts far from home.

The raising of crops such as sorghum, millet, beans, and maize is done mostly by women, who also gather fruits and vegetables while the men hunt game.

Examining the traditional economy of the country in When Rain Clouds Gather, Head focuses on agriculture and the need to resist the encroaching desert through technological improvements in farming.In essence, When Rain Clouds Gather is a romantic, optimistic story that reflects its author’s faith in humanity’s essential goodness, and her belief that love between individuals can overcome the universal problems of race, class, and gender oppression.

In the novel When rain clouds gather, Bessie Head uses symbolism to express the transition from the harsh life of tribalism, to the development of modern day co-operatives and the effect it has on the community. One of the main symbolic images in the text is the recurring theme of When rain clouds gather.

This incomplete and open statement refers to the progression and change Golema Mmidi is facing now that Makhaya and Gilbert have joined up with the community. When Rain Clouds Gather, by Bessie Head: A Study Guide.

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Guidelines, - 63 pages. 0 Reviews. What people are saying - Write a review. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. Bibliographic information. Title: When Rain Clouds Gather, by Bessie Head: A Study Guide.

When Rain Clouds Gather

He is the antagonist and villain of the novel “When Rain Clouds Gather”. When we are first introduced to Chief Matenje, he is referred to as the “troublesome and unpopular brother” of the “paramount chief named Sekoto” (Head ).

We will write a custom essay sample on When Rain Clouds Gather specifically for you for only. This book explores the themes of political emigration, refugee problems, corruption, the transformation of the traditional way of life of Africans, racial hatred and, of course, loves.

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