Write android apps in ruby

Follow this tutorial to create a small, useful Ruby application. As Ruby is primarily an object-oriented language with classes and objects, you can jump right in and create a class to encapsulate behavior. The instructions begin with a simple version of the application, and then expand it. Along the way, you will learn what makes Ruby tick.

Write android apps in ruby

A flexible scripting approach to the Dalvik virtual machine By Chris King Published March 22, - Updated March 22, Mobile Development Introduction Most of the interesting work in software development today occurs at one of the two extremes: These domains solve significantly different problems, and, correspondingly, have different tool support.

Server development often uses scripting languages to tie together different components and accomplish sophisticated automated tasks, while mobile development focuses on the particular capabilities and needs of a particular device and user.

However, these two extremes share a common language: This common language can lead to some surprising interactions between areas that you tend to think of write android apps in ruby distinct.

Java programming opens the door for many cross-platform options, such as easily porting server code to an Android device or tying into native platform abilities from existing components.

This article explores Ruboto, a project that bridges the gap between scripting languages and Android. You will learn about Ruby and Android, how they can come together in the Dalvik virtual machine, how to build and deploy your own scripts, and how this technology has potential for increasing programmer productivity and application flexibility.

Most famously, it supports the Rails web framework, but many developers also admire Ruby for its combination of terseness and elegance.

An object-oriented scripting language with many modern features like duck typing and metaprogramming, Ruby is robust enough to support complex architectures and simple enough to perform ad hoc tasks. Ruby comes in several flavors, including the popular JRuby.

Android background Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, but it is most often thought of as a Google project. Today, Android powers about one quarter of all new smartphones, and its share of the market continues to rise. Internally, Android runs on a modified Linux kernel.

Most applications run in the Dalvik virtual machine VMa custom VM that Google designed from the ground up for optimal performance on mobile devices. One point many new Android developers miss is that the Java source code they write does not run as Java bytecode.

Instead, the Android toolkit converts Java bytecode into Dalvik bytecode. These converted files, which have the. Within an astonishingly short time, he had performed this task, and Ruboto was born.

write android apps in ruby

Thanks to the efforts of several other developers, Ruboto has become an active project that is growing increasingly intriguing to Android and Ruby developers alike.

Today, Ruboto comes in two flavors: This tool may be very useful for developers who want to run tests or perform tasks on their device, but is probably not appropriate for writing applications that you later distribute.

In contrast, ruboto-core provides a framework that lets you create your own Ruboto projects. Using ruboto-core, you can add powerful and flexible scripting support to your project, while retaining access to the Android APIs.

Figure 1 shows the ruboto-core build process: Constructing a Ruboto app The remainder of this article focuses on creating a custom Ruboto-based project. Ruboto is still early software; as of this writing, its version number is 0. It continues to evolve quickly, and may behave slightly differently by the time you read this article.

If you encounter issues while running any of the commands below, please see Related topics to get the most up-to-date information on Ruboto and Android. You will write a Ruboto script that lets users order seafood from a delivery service.

This simple application takes advantage of the strengths of each platform. On the Android side, you will have a simple way to create an SMS message containing your order; the application places orders without even requiring a server.

On the Ruby side, you will re-use an existing language processing library that will normalize your orders into a readable format.Mirah looks a lot like Ruby but it's statically typed. You can use Mirah to develop Android applications. Have a look. You can also use Ruby, by taking advantage of the JVM (JRuby).

Daniel Jackoway developed Ruboto in last years' Ruby Summer of Code. Ruboto allows you to develop Android applications in Ruby. Have a look. Can I use Ruby for mobile development? Update Cancel.

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write android apps in ruby

Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Can I develop using Ruby on Rails or Ruby for mobile? Can I write mobile apps in Ruby? What is the Ruby language and in which field is it used? Ask New Question. It’s a great Ruby library, but it’s hard to collaborate with other non-ruby developers.

Plus, you’re depending on the maintenance of a 3rd party library over the long run. If you want to build top tier native mobile apps, its worth the investment to learn the appropriate language.

However, apart from Android SDK, Google also has NDK — Native Development Kit, which makes it possible to write apps using C/C++ code.

10 Minutes to Your First Ruby Application

In this post, we’ll show you how to mix existing C/C++ native libraries into an Android Java project. 6 delivery food apps: 3 in IOS and 3 in Android ($ USD) Polish and add features to existing Ruby on Rails eCommerce print site ($ USD / hour) Cross-Platform Development for a Recommendation App, Metasearch Engine ($ USD / hour).

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